...Grow Up, Grow a Beard...

It’s time to throw your razor away and say goodbye to those “smooth-faced”, boyhood days of yesteryear.  There is a reason those whiskers keep coming back.  They're relentlessly urging you to take the next step, to enter the next phase of your life.  Yes, it’s time to grow up, to grow a beard.

A thick, healthy, full beard is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a man (that we dare mention) and should be worn with great pride.  Welcome to beardedness, welcome to manhood!

...Simple, All Natural, Effective...

Use of shampoos or soaps, while great for keeping your beard squeaky clean, can strip away the natural protective oils that our bodies produce.  This can leave beard whiskers dry and brittle as well as the underlying skin dry, flaky or itchy.

Our simple but unique blend of all natural ingredients closely resembles the oils produced naturally by the human body and when applied, can be very effective to help soften and protect your beard. Additionally, our beard oil will help prevent itching and flaking that is often caused by dry skin.

Nordic Seas Beard Oil has a subtle but refreshing lime scent that does not linger and gives your beard a healthy shine without clogging your pores or leaving a greasy residue.

- Nordic Seas Beard Oil -

  • All natural ingredients
  • Softens and protects your beard
  • Helps prevent itching and flaking caused by dry skin
  • Hand poured & blended
  • Refreshing lime scent that does not linger

Got Beard?  Get Oil.

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